Friday, July 13, 2012

Causes which Corrupt MS Word File

MS Word is one of those applications which are extensively used by a layman like student of class 8th as well as a professional content writer. It offers advantageous writing features such as automatic grammar and spell check, option to add images, tables, charts, etc in our document and many more. Despite of these features, it is observed that MS Word file gets corrupt very easily and thus creates devastating situation of inaccessibility of our precious data. Though MS Word provides measures to handle minor corruptions but if your Word file is severely corrupt then you have no other option then to opt for third-party Word repair software. I learnt about this fact after I lost my precious Word file due to its corruption.

Let me tell you my personal experience. I have large Word document which is basically my thesis paper. Another day I gave it final touch by and closed the document properly. However, a day before my final submission MS Word burped when I tried to open this file. The situation was really awful as Word file which was having words, headings, and information in a proper format till a day before that day was containing non-understandable square boxes then and to make the issue worst I didn’t make any backup. Then I used Word’s repair feature but that too didn’t work. However, I recollected my courage and tried last option that is to search over the Internet for some resolution. To my dismay, there was good number of tools to repair a corrupt Word file available Online.

After going through various websites, articles, and blogs for the same, I found Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery software as one of the best tools to deal the situation. Therefore, I purchased the license of that software which bears an affordable price and recovered my corrupt Word file without affecting the original formatting of my precious data. After that I searched over the Internet for the cause of this unexpected behavior of my Word doc and found below mentioned reasons for the same:
  • Round Tripping: One of the most prominent causes of this kind of error is round tripping. Round tripping occurs when a document is changed from one format to another and then back to 1st format repeatedly.
  • Macro Virus: The infection caused by macro viruses of Word file at times leads to this kind of corruptions.
  • Copying Word file from CDs/Flash Drives/Etc at times corrupts them.
Since, I neither copied the file from any secondary storage device nor did any round tripping thus understood that most prominent cause of corruption in my case was macro viruses.


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  2. Thanx for sharing your experience.

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