Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Improve the Performance of your Word document 2007?

Are you frustrated with the performance of your word document? Is word program taking long time to open your document? These types of problems are very common and most of the MS word users have faced it during their career.

Above described problems can happen due to several reasons like length of word document, embedded true type fonts, embedded objects & graphics, file format, versions & unformatted images but unformatted image is the most possible cause for the problem. Here we will discuss about “How to format & reduce the size of images or photos used in word document?”

Friday, July 13, 2012

Causes which Corrupt MS Word File

MS Word is one of those applications which are extensively used by a layman like student of class 8th as well as a professional content writer. It offers advantageous writing features such as automatic grammar and spell check, option to add images, tables, charts, etc in our document and many more. Despite of these features, it is observed that MS Word file gets corrupt very easily and thus creates devastating situation of inaccessibility of our precious data. Though MS Word provides measures to handle minor corruptions but if your Word file is severely corrupt then you have no other option then to opt for third-party Word repair software. I learnt about this fact after I lost my precious Word file due to its corruption.