Thursday, December 20, 2012

Microsoft Word 2013: Achievement & Enhancement

After successful release of Window 8, Microsoft has released MS Word 2013 with lots of enhancement in template & design. With the help of new template & design, you can put finishing touch to your document. Now your word document will look cleaner & sleeker. Following are the top seven features that you miss in your current MS Word version.

Resume Reading
MS Word 2013 offers a new technique that automatically bookmarks your last visited document. Go for a break, lunch, breakfast etc and resume reading where you have left off.

Open PDF in Word
It is the major highlight in the Word 2013. Now you can able to work on pdf files just like as word document. All the objects of pdf file like paragraphs, tables, lists, and other content work just like as MS word content. It does not change the formatting of the content.