Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to check the version of your MS Word?

Are you looking for technical help in MS Word? If yes then some of the questions you will be asked by most of answerer is 'what is the version of your MS Word?', 'which version of MS Word do you use to create your document?' and many more similar questions. This happens because different versions of MS Word work differently so it is important for the answerers to let know which version of MS Word has been used by you to create the document before answering the question.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Unable to Open MS Word 2010 document in MS Word 2010

Yesterday morning, I had got an email from one of my friend regarding MS word error message. She was facing an error message when tried to open a file of MS Word 2010. The complete scenario is written below:

She is working in an organization. These are several PCs with installed MS Office 2010 but Operating system is different. The problem was first reported when she tried to open a file (.docx) created using MS Office 2010 on another PC that also has same office version (MS Office 2010). MS Word launched but an error message was appeared that read: