Sunday, October 18, 2009

Word 2007 Error - .docx Cannot Be Opened Because There Are Problems With the Content

Office Open XML is new format that has been introduced in Office 2007. Based on XML and ZIP archive technologies, a file saved in MS Word 2007 is divided into document parts. Each of these parts defines a part of overall file contents. Thus it becomes easy to create and modify Word 2007 document, either programmatically or manually.

Such files are saved with .docx extension. But they can catch odds of corruption due to unexpected shutdown, virus attack, application faults and other similar causes. However, if your recent file backup than you can easily recover and restore the file. But backup issues necessitate the use Word Repair applications.

While trying to open a Word document, you might receive the below error message:

"The Office Open XML File xxxxx.docx cannot be opened because there are problems with the content."

Where, xxxx represents the name of Word 2007 document. Further, when you click Details of the error message, you get another error:

"The file is corrupt and cannot be opened."
"Word found unreadable content. Do you want to recover the contents of this document, click yes."

It means that Word document is corrupted and it usually occurs when you perform round-tripping i.e. change the word file format into another file format and convert it back into Word 2007 file format. Other possible reasons of file corruption could be application faults,malfunction errors, unexpected shutdown, network errors etc.

Corrupted Word document can be repaired by using any of these methods:
  • Open the document with 'Open and Repair' feature.
  • Try saving the document as HTML, TXT or a word processing application format.
  • Try to copying all the contents of the file to new document, leaving the last paragraph mark.
  • Use your recent file backup to restore the corrupt document.
  • If the same issue persists, scan your damaged file using Word Repair software. These are advanced word recovery tools built with safe technology to repair and restore corrupted Word (.doc) documents.

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