Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Word document crashes when I click 'allow editing' button

Today morning was like as usual morning for me in office, I reached office at 9 O'clock sharp, take my breakfast with tea & some snacks but suddenly situation had been changed. I want to share all the activities that I had performed in this morning step by step: 
  • First turn on my PC
  • Open my Office email id to check for new mails
  • Got a new email from manager along with .doc file attachment
  • Open the mail & click on the attachment to open .doc file

Note: I am running MS word 2010 on my PC that creates .docx file and easily opens files created using lower version of MS word 2010.

A pop-up appears and ask for “allow editing” to edit this document.
Clicked on “allow editing” button & word crashes.

I am not a MS Word technician but have some basic knowledge about it. I read several forums in hurry but no luck, at last performed belows steps and the problem was solved.

Open MS Word in Safe Mode: First of all I tried to open my word document in safe mode, you can do this by following steps:
  • Goto the start button and left click on it.
  • Choose all programs then Microsoft Office.
  • Long press on 'ctrl' button & click on Microsoft Word 2010.
  • A pop-up will be appear & ask for 'Word has detected that you are holding down the ctrl key. Do you want to start Word in safe mode'.
  • Click 'Yes' to start Word in save
Note: I was able to work with MS word in safe mode; It may possible that you will not able to work with it, at this scenario you can try another method to repair crash word document.

Disable Add-ins: Follow bellow steps to disable add-ins;
  • Click on the File menu
  • Choose 'options' & then 'Add-in
  • Now select com-in option from drop down menu and click on the Go button.
  • A pop-up will be open; check if there is any add-in.
  • Clear all the check-boxes to disable all.
  • Problem was solved.

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