Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to Start MS Office in Safe Mode?

Microsoft Office offers safe modes that allow users to safely start & use MS office program or families that has encountered some startup error messages. When MS office finds a startup error messages then it will try to fix or isolate the error messages and allow the program to start successfully. There are two types of MS office safe modes:
  1. Automated Safe Mode
  2. User-initiated Safe Mode
Automated Safe Mode: During the MS Office startup process, MS office checks for any problem such as corrupt file, resource, template, add-ins problem, extension problem & many more. If office finds any of the above described problem then your program automatically goes in this safe mode and a message is displayed that specify the problem and ask you for disable the item that has problem. You can enable the disabled items from the disabled items dialog box.
Note: To stop the safe mode just close the program & start is again.
User-initiated Safe Mode: It comes in action when automated safe mode is unable to start MS office program successfully. Users can start any MS office programs in this safe mode by two methods:
  1. By Long Press Ctrl Button: You can start MS office program in this safe mode by long pressing 'Ctrl' button while MS office startup. A pop-up will be open and ask you for “do you want to start in safe mode?” press YES to start.
  2. By using /safe option: Use this option when you start MS office program from command line. Make sure there is a safe between exe & '/safe'.
How to exit from user-initiated safe mode: To exit from this safe mode just close the program & startup is again. Now it will start in normal mode.
Restrictions List: Below is the list of restrictions that will apply when you start a office program in user-initiated safe mode:
  • Preferences & templates cannot be saved.
  • Changes cannot be saved & auto-correct list is not loaded.
  • All the command lines options are removed except /n & /a.
  • Cannot open recovered document automatically.
  • Cannot load additional features & programs automatically.

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